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My name is Kerri Mulcare. I am an artist living and working in Minneapolis, MN. My work explores themes such as relationships, memory, language and time through printmaking, book arts and collage. I’m interested in investigating the ‘book’ as a functional, narrative-based object, but also as a work that can transport the viewer. The intimacy a book creates via the paper or material surface, linking the hands of the maker and the hands of the viewer, is a quite an inspiring relationship. I like to create work that synthesizes my experience into a form that one can look at, as both an exploration and archive of self, as well as my experiences within the world. 

My ongoing series, Lost & Found, as well as some recent artist books and collages, are explorations of memory and the loss of personal histories, in addition to the moments we choose to preserve through photography and imagery. They are also examinations of the transition of materials from lost objects, into found and repurposed ones, with new histories of their own. 


For all inquiries about works available for purchase, commissions, prints, questions, or to just say hello shoot me an email at kerrimulcareart@gmail.com.